Bonus Episode: Geoff Tate’s Big Rock Hits Show Review crossover show with Asylum: The Kiss Podcast.

I Remember Now: The Queensrÿche Podcast joins forces with the crew from Asylum: The Kiss Podcast for a fun crossover bonus episode! Ray is a co-host on both shows, so we thought it would be fun to see what would happen when the two worlds collide!

Join Ray and Steve, along with Asylum’s Kousin Tim, Kousin Gary, and Kousin Marvin, for a review of Geoff Tate’s Big Rock Show Hits tour! The show was attended by Ray, Gary, and Marvin (along with their wives) in Warrendale, PA, in late-September and there is PLENTY to talk about!

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One Reply to “Bonus Episode: Geoff Tate’s Big Rock Hits Show Review crossover show with Asylum: The Kiss Podcast.”

  1. Misha

    I started with you guys about six months ago and have picked through the various episodes. but nothing brought me to comment until I listened to the “Take Cover” episode.

    I am immensely disappointed in you guys,I agree and disagree with a lot of things you’ve said in your episodes and that’s all fine. It’s been fun to listen to because besides my wife, I don’t know anyone who will sit still while I play A Queensryche CD. Most my age are happy with their Kenny Loggins and Neil Diamond records,.Not me. I love QR. Only seen them once on the MIndcrime II tour, and I missed half of it because of my interminable back troubles.
    Anyway I’m a genuine fan of you guys and what you do, But
    “Take Cover” hit a nerve. I was amazed at your lack of knowledge about the origins of the songs on the TC record.
    How do you go 30 years and not hear “Red Rain” or “Bullet The Blue Sky” ? They were unavoidable in the 80’s & 90’s. How is Jesus Christ Superstar such a foreign work ?
    You hate CSN &Y, do you ? You really had to be there.They were vital, edgy and guardians of youth culture in 1972. Not knowing much about them is fine, but writing them off as you did shows how out of touch you are with a decade that revolutionized music.
    Please expand your knowledge of 70’s and 80’s music and stop wasting your time with showy trash like KISS.
    I grew up on my Dad’s music. I still love it.,It’s not hard to know the antecedents of the current music you like. iT really isn’t.

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