Episode 15: Digital Noise Alliance – One Year Later

Ray and Steve welcome frequent caller Logan to the show as a special guest co-host for the topic: Digital Noise Alliance – One Year Later.

We met Logan when we asked for “young” Queensrÿche fans to get in touch with the show, and Logan fit the bill!

At twenty-three years old, his favorite band has been Queensrÿche since he was nineteen. He considers DNA to be “his generation’s” Queensrÿche album.

We give DNA a full, track-by-track analysis, rank the songs and the album versus the other albums we’ve reviewed.

How have opinions changed over the past year? Do the hosts like DNA the same, much more, or less than they did in 2022?

How do the opinions of a young fan compare to two old farts like Ray and Steve? Join us to find out!


  • A lot of feedback on our last Frequency Unknown episode.
  • Calls from Producer Tim and Jim from Irwin!

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