Episode 8: Queensrÿche Deep Cut Starter Kit

Join Ray and Steve as they welcome Kousin Gary from Asylum: The KISS Podcast, to the show.  Why would the guys bring another KISS Podcaster on to a Queensrÿche show, you ask?

Well…Gary is a bit of a “newbie” Queensrÿche fan. In fact, not too long ago, he wasn’t much of a fan at all. Ray and Steve thought it would be fun to try to expand his hits-based, fledgling fandom and help nudge him down the “Roads To Madness” by giving him lists of Queensrÿche deep cuts to check out and report back on.  

Tune in for the fun discussion as two hardcore Queensrÿche fans try to expand the horizons of a relative newcomer to the band! It’s a great time finding out what songs Gary loves and which song he dislikes so much that it cuts through the very soul of one of the hosts!

Also, we look back on our recent Take Cover episode with our first listener voicemail from an audience member who is intimately familiar with the show!

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