Episode 9: Dedicated to Chaos

Join Ray and Steve as they discuss:

  • Queensryche’s 2011 Dedicated To Chaos album with a track-by-track breakdown, song and album rankings, and their personal histories with the record.
  • Steve’s review of the Queensryche shows on the recent Monsters Of Rock Cruise and his close encounters with the band while on the ship.
  • A call in from Kousin Gary from Asylum: The Kiss Podcast, who guest-starred on the last episode.

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One Reply to “Episode 9: Dedicated to Chaos”

  1. James

    Great episode as always, guys!

    Yes, I broke down and bought the album on release (I did not buy American Soldier when it came out, FWIW). Like you, I gave it a listen, watched the video for Get Started, and memory-holed the whole thing for what I thought would be forever…

    Then a friend of mine – a female who is not into Metal or heavy music in general – was asking me for recommendations for new music. Somehow, this release came to mind as one she might like. She bought it and although it took a while to be appreciated, she ended up liking it quite a bit. I still never listened to it again personally however.

    I could wax poetic about the era of QR where Geoff had Slater and other outside musicians, writers, and producers work on official QR releases, but you all covered that pretty well, and my comments probably would not be so kind. So there’s that.

    I may end up listening to this disc again one day, but only if I can mentally trick myself that it is not a QR release. Under that facility I am sure I could appreciate it more than I do now. But for now the stigma remains, even at the expense of perhaps missing out on some good cuts here and there.

    The podcast was great as always, and I await the Q2K review somewhere down the line. Although a few clunkers abound, it is a release I can and do occasionally listen to. But let’s be real, neither of these live up to any T L T -era release in any tangible way ;)

    Rock on friends \m/

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