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  • Episode 4: Queensrÿche Album Battle #1 – Rage For Order vs. Empire

    The guys pit Rage For Order vs. Empire, song vs. song, in the first match-up in our “Queensrÿche Album Battle Series!” Which one of these classic albums comes out on […]

  • Episode 3: Digital Noise Alliance – First Impressions

    The new Queensrÿche album is here! Are you excited!? The guys planned a “first impressions” episode. But that morphed into a full-blown review and breakdown of Digital Noise Alliance! Subscribe […]

  • Episode 2: Top 10 Chris DeGarmo Songs

    Join the guys for a general discussion about founding Queensryche guitarist, Chris DeGarmo. The conversation shifts to the hosts listing their Top 10 Chris DeGarmo-written songs. With so many greats […]

  • Episode 1: Redemption…

    In episode #1, Ray, Steve, and Stevie discuss the first Queensryche album to feature vocalist Todd LaTorre, the self-titled Queensryche! We briefly discuss the events leading to Todd joining the […]

  • Intro episode: Before The Storm

    Your hosts, Ray, Steve, and Stevie, discuss their personal Queensryche stories. Why did they start this podcast, and what should listeners expect on the show in the future? Subscribe to […]