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  • Episode 18: Promised Land

    Ray and Steve kick off 2024 with a bang as they take on the 1994 classic Queensryche album, Promised Land! The album found the band facing a changing musical landscape […]

  • Episode 15: Digital Noise Alliance – One Year Later

    Ray and Steve welcome frequent caller Logan to the show as a special guest co-host for the topic: Digital Noise Alliance – One Year Later. We met Logan when we […]

  • Episode 7: Take Cover

    Join Ray and Steve as they discuss: We’d love for you to subscribe to the show on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon, or wherever you get your podcasts. Also, rate, like, […]

  • Episode 6: The Warning – Album Review

    Join Ray and Steve as they discuss: Changes within the show that have occurred since our last episode. The Digital Noise Alliance Tour setlist from night one of the headlining […]

  • Episode 4: Queensrÿche Album Battle #1 – Rage For Order vs. Empire

    The guys pit Rage For Order vs. Empire, song vs. song, in the first match-up in our “Queensrÿche Album Battle Series!” Which one of these classic albums comes out on […]

  • Episode 1: Redemption…

    In episode #1, Ray, Steve, and Stevie discuss the first Queensryche album to feature vocalist Todd LaTorre, the self-titled Queensryche! We briefly discuss the events leading to Todd joining the […]